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January 6th, 2014, 08:05 PM
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So a few days ago, we emailed BM and asked her for her attorneys contact information. We did not receive a reply. We sat down with our lawyer today and filled out all our paperwork and signed our entire savings over to him, basically, lol.

She finally emailed us back.


Your email indicates that you have obtained counsel. If this is the case, you need no longer communicate directly with me. You can have your attorney contact me directly and provide me with his/her notice of appearance. I will communicate any necessary information regarding counsel directly to your attorney.

I don't think she has a lawyer. Which is odd, because she told us and the judge she was getting one. Apparently her brothers girlfriend works for a law firm, and it's the same lawyer her brother used to get full custody of his kids against HIS alcoholic ex. But this is also the same brother of hers that specifically did not invite her to his sons birthday party this past weekend. He made it a point to tell us she wasn't welcome. So it seems there may have been a falling out and the brother no longer wants his lawyer to help her. Oh well.

All in all the meeting went amazingly. He said we have a slam dunk case for full physical. He said legal might be a little trickier, but then when I showed him all the proof we have of her poor decisions, (Self diagnosing him with everything under the sun, not taking him to the dentist in 4 years, not taking him to the doctor in 2, disagreeing with us taking him to the ER, not having him complete HW while in her care, etc,) he said full legal should be no problem either.

We are cautiously optimistic.
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