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January 7th, 2014, 12:24 AM
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April- I am going to tell you what I think… Though you didn't ask for my opinion…
Go with the same clinic. It is cheaper and you get FREE Freezing and FET! I say HECK YEAH! My doctor doesn't really ever answer my questions… And I ask a lot… But he is the BEST! Everyone recommends him. If you have plenty of money to spare, then go for the more expensive. Just remember that you need a PLAN B just in case it doesn't work this time. Also- Since not all of the embies made it to 5 day last time, maybe they should freeze them at Day 3… (They can do that, right?) I mean at least you will have some JIC you need them! I wish I could send you some of mine as I hate to think that they are going to be destroyed! I pray I will not have to use all of them!
Let me know who you choose! Good Luck!

AFM- I am nervous. I will start packing my over night bag soon. My DH will also stay in the hospital with me which is great! Though he does have to work. I will just have everything there for him. It is SOOOO boring in the hospital! I will let you know what they say… I hope that I have some left JIC!
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