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January 7th, 2014, 07:33 AM
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Yep, that was our experience. Me, my husband, and my older two were all FULLY vaxxed an up to date against WC when my third was born. We AL got a HORRIBLE case of it. My third, breastfeeding, did not get sick, even though we were sick and cramped in this tiny condo for 3 months! I think he got immunity through my breastmilk. And now that Isabel has it of course no one else is catching it because we are already immune (I'm not sure though if we have 30 year immunity or not since we WERE vaccinated, but I think we might since we still caught the actual WC?). I see why the ER doctors didn't think it was WC because her case is so mild. It scares me to think how severe it would have been if we had messed with her immune system prior to this. She's got a weak enough immune system from being born premature as it is. Still, it's amazing how her case can be so mild by comparison (she barely coughs ever during the day) but yet she is so much worse affected due to her prematurity. I'm just so glad we breastfeed and cosleep. In her case I think those choices have saved her life a few times now.
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