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January 7th, 2014, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Keakie View Post
Oh boy. Well, I suppose she can talk directly to your attorney then, which is really her only option if she doesn't have her own and doesn't want to talk to y'all. Tell your attorney to have fun with that.

I agree that this is pretty open and shut. I think it sounds like you have a great strategy and great counsel. I hope this is all over quickly and easily for you.
It was pretty obvious when she said that she can give any necessary information regarding counsel directly to our attorney. That basically means, "I dont want to tell YOU, but I will tell your lawyer because I have to that I dont have a lawyer of my own."

Erics mom thinks BM is in the beginning stages of realizing how much she screwed herself over and is starting to give up.

Eric and I were just talking last night. ALL this woman had to do was stay in rehab for 3 more days and show up on time to visitations. We wouldn't have nearly the slam dunk case we have now.
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