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January 7th, 2014, 11:12 AM
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It was somewhere around 14 deg. F last night here and right now it's only 18F. One of our pipes froze in our master bathroom, but luckily I talked my DH in to dripping the faucets (for some reason it took some coaxing), and it didn't burst

We like it cold I sleep much better that way. While we are sleeping, we keep the heat set to 64 and I think it's at like 67 when we're up and around.
Forever missing our angel, 6/7/13.

10/19/14 - DE IVF, Transferred two 8-cell embies (3dt)
10/28/14 - 1st Beta = 70 at 9dp3dt
10/30/14 - 2nd Beta = 163 at 11dp3dt
11/5/14 - 3rd Beta = 1300 at 17dp3dt
11/17/14 - U/S - Twins, both with flickers of heartbeats!
11/25/14 - One twin stopped growing and lost their hb. :'( The other measures perfectly, hb: 157.
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