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January 7th, 2014, 12:08 PM
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Im not worried about underpreparing this time. My daughter just turned one, so we're all set and then some. Besides, newborns need so little. We have cloth diapers, neutral blankets and buntings, nursing bras and pads. And my moby wrap. I really think that covers it, lol. Plus i've been picking out teeny boy clothes from thrift stores for months and hiding them (our older kids still don't know his gender).

However, i DO need to upgrade my daughter's carseat, to free up the smaller one. And im casually looking for a compact double stroller to keep in my trunk. That can also wait, as the moby and the single stroller will do for most outings.

I may add a convertible crib to our list eventually, because im still fretting about co-sleeping arrangements with two little ones. I intend to expose our son to sleeping alone sometime sooner than later, (something my daughter is still working on). Hopefully, he will make use of her practically unused bassinet/basket in the meantime though.

Other than that, ill buy a few newborn sized disposables, for my convenience, and say were good to go!
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