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January 7th, 2014, 12:13 PM
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With your history, Marsi's birth issues, I would go with the induction, just for the reasons that you stated. I was induced with both of my girls at 40w6d and 40w5d because my doc doesn't like you to go past a week overdue. With DD1, she had meconium present when they broke my water. I had a Foley bulb put in the night before to stretch my cervix because it wasn't getting the hint, I had been having contractions and only gotten to a 1 for 5 weeks. When that was removed, my water broke on it's labor from that point to when she was born was 5.5 hours, no big deal for a first timer! They used a vacuum for her and I had to have an episiotomy after 2 hours of pushing, that was not fun, I tore on top of that too.

With Addy, I dilated to almost 3 for a few weeks, with contractions off and on. No Foley bulb needed, they used pit to start things up and when my water was broken, bam! I had her within 4.5 hours.

If they are doing the cervix stretching, I think that is the biggest help (IMO) to start things off.
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