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January 7th, 2014, 03:18 PM
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Thanks for your feedback Neon - will be sure to do some more research on the Rock and Play, it looks like it has some interesting features...almost tempting to design an adult size rocking bassinet

out of curiosity do you think that the rocking motion helps put your child to sleep?

Part of our research is designed to look into the factors that contribute to the quality of sleep (as an infant)...

A couple more questions for you Neon -
Have you heard any incidents of infants suffocating whilst sleeping on an incline?

It seems as though the value for money is an important factor for you, aside child safety - do you feel that quality is justified through cost with regards to the models you've used? Obviously the bassinet is primarily just a more-portable cot, but what sort of uses would you like to see for it after it has served its 6 months purpose? To give you an example, there has been some conceptual models that serve as a play pen / desk top for infants once they have matured beyond the 6 months...would something like this be more appealing for yourself?

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