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January 7th, 2014, 04:25 PM
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The parenting conference went exceptionally well.

A few facts to point out.

1. BM did not leave rehab voluntarily. She was KICKED OUT for writing letters back and forth with a guy instead of focusing on her recovery. To date, BM has not yet completed a rehab program.

2. BM brought up the fact that Owen received a bebe gun from my brother for Christmas. It is a cheap, $20 bebe gun from WalMart. She argued that we should not have allowed him to have a weapon so soon after his outburst with BM with the knife. To be clear, the episode with the knife happened over 3 months prior to Owen receiving the bebe gun for Christmas, and well before Owen completed counseling and was cleared as being completely fine. Still, the counselor did not like the fact that we allowed him to be given a weapon after that incident.

3. BM tried to claim she will be late continuously due to her ADD. The counselor seemed to sympathize with this, until Eric brought up that if she is going to be continuously late, that is a conversation she needs to have with Owen, as we raise Owen to always be on time or early.

4. The counselor at many times had to stop and ask BM if she was listening to herself speak. At many times, BM continued to damage her case even more than it had been before.

5. BM continuously shouted over both Eric and the counselor, and interrupted them on numerous occasions.

6. At the end of the conference, BM actually asked, "So do I still only get to see Owen for 3 hours a week?" She did not understand that the counselor has no say in visitation time.

7. The counselor said that while she cannot predict what she is going to write because she doesn't know what she will say until she sits down to create the report, she did say that BM should not expect to have Owen for ANY unsupervised time for at least a while. She said that BM has a long way to go both in her own recovery and to fix her broken relationship with her son. She also recommended that BM and Owen attend counseling together, to try to help mend their relationship.

So yes, it went extremely well and we now feel even more confident that things will go our way. BM did tell Eric that she has not yet obtained counsel, and she may be retaining counsel soon.
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