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January 7th, 2014, 07:34 PM
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How are you feeling emotionally? Im a bit of a mess I just went back to work and i have to leave Brodee with his dad ... which you would think would make me feel better about leaving him but i feel horrible..because my husband works nights so he wants to sleep throughout the day and Brodee doesnt ... and he is a very demanding baby so i know it is stressing my husband out and Brodee isnt being taken care of the way i would like him to might have something to do with the fact that i go to work and take care of other peoples babies and i dont get to see mine until 3 in the afternoon..
Are you sleeping well? I get 5-7 hours a night ... which is nice
How are you physically? Weight? Pp? Im attempting to drop alot of weight and so far im on a ok track..ive lost all the weight i gained during my pregnancy and im 100% healed and feeling normal again after having a c-section...Im just waiting on my milk to dry up ... I would like to loose 80 pounds this year! Im on prozac to help out with my mood swings..
How is family and husband helping out and doing? It is taking awhile to get into the swing of things... my inlaws are CRAPPY and they stress me and my husband out alot so thats not helping...My girls try to help out a bunch which is kinda helpful and kinda Im sure things will start to go smoother in another month or so

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