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January 7th, 2014, 07:35 PM
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How are you feeling emotionally? pretty good. i mean, i'm lonely as all get out because the only person i talk to can't talk back yet and Nate's never here/ awake/ willing to talk to me. so.
Are you sleeping well? i've worked out a schedule with Nate so i do get a functional amount of sleep.
How are you physically? Weight? Pp? physically, i feel fantastic. my weight's good. i dropped 30lbs immediately with birth and only have 16lbs more, and 4in off my waist. i'm not worrying until spring when i can take the jogging stroller out.
For breastfeeding mommas how is it coming along? [not breastfeeding] but! i can say i stopped leaking. and, for some unknown reason, whenever i use skin-to-skin to calm her she instantly makes her hungry noises and tries to suck on me? like not even the nipple, but like the top of my breast near the cleavage where her mouth naturally falls when i hold her. weirds me right out.
How is family and husband helping out and doing? Nate and i, like i said, have a schedule and he helps when asked. my mom the past 2 saturday nights has taken LB so we could sleep. my dad pretends to be uninvolved but is totally in love with her. my cousin, aunt and youngest sister adore her and ask to babysit all the time. my middle sister is all, meh.
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