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January 7th, 2014, 08:22 PM
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Try not to take your doctor's words about your weight as a criticism of who you ARE. She could have said it more tactfully, but I imagine she ONLY said it trying to help you & be honest with you, not with the intention of hurting you. HUGS!!! How much weight do you need to lose? Did your OB offer to help you find a good nutritionist? If not, see which one she would recommend. Think of it not as getting thin, but as getting your body ready to get pregnant. Another plus is that if you are eating a proper diet with lots of colorful veggies & fruits, most of your vitamins, etc, will come from your food instead of a pill, which is the best way to get them anyway! And don't think of it as a "diet", think of it as a lifestyle change- you want to live a long healthy life & be a great example for your kids, too. You can do it!!! & feel free to brag or vent to us any time!!! HUGS!!!
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