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January 8th, 2014, 05:41 PM
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1. If you had a natural childbirth:

a. Did you choose it consciously and why? Yes, I never really considered any other choice. My mom had 2 natural childbirths so that is what I considered normal. And I was sort of horrified by the experiences of several friends/acquaintences with medical, hospital birth.

b. Looking back - were you happy with your decision (would you do it again?). Absolutely. I'm about to do it again in May, if all goes well.

c. If you have any regrets about your choice - what were they? None.

d. If you had any revelations/inspirations/discoveries about yourself, your partner, your relationship etc during your natural childbirth - what were they? My husband was not really that into being a birth partner. That didn't bother me because I felt that I'd be pretty independent about it, and the midwife is the expert so I wouldn't need much from him. That turned out to be right--my labor was very fast and he really had no part in it other than assuring me early on that I was indeed in labor despite my denial. In the most intense part he came in to check on me where I was laboring in the shower a few times and I (politely, I think?) told him I needed quiet. So I have read lots of stories of birth being very much a partner event, but that wasn't my experience at all.

e. What was most important for you during childbirth? (i.e. privacy, support, environment) and why? For me it was critical that I be left alone. I loved being in a birth center with no one present except my husband and my midwife, nobody talking to me much, nobody restricting my movement or making me answer a lot of questions or telling me what to do. I was very focused and I would have been miserable if forced to interact with a lot of people during labor.

2. If you are planning a natural childbirth:
a. Why did you choose it? Because the last one went so well!
b. In the course of your pregnancy - have your attitudes changed towards (been changing) towards childbirth? What are the most important influences?
c. Do you have a birthplan for your natural childbirth? What are the most important points in it? Have you discussed it with your medical practitioner (who will deliver your baby), who did they take it? No birth plan this time or last time. Luckily it isn't really necessary with my midwives. Anything that would be on my birth plan is just the normal course of things for them.

3. For all
a. If you were to watch a film about natural childbirth (and natural, "connected" pregnancy), what would be interesting for you to see (now that you are pregnant/have had your baby recently)? Hmmmm. I guess I would like to see more acknowledgement than is sometimes shown of the LABOR aspect, i.e. that it's ok and normal if it's not a quiet, zen, peaceful, painless experience. I think a lot of books and materials on natural childbirth create the expectation that if birth doesn't look like that--peaceful and zen--you're doing it wrong. My birth was very intense and at times I was LOUD, and it certainly wasn't painless. But it was a wonderful birth and I think many (most?) natural births look more like mine than the super quiet painless ones.

Ha, I wrote my answers before reading TigersMommy. So similar! I second the thought about siblings at the birth-forgot to mention that one.
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