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January 9th, 2014, 01:36 AM
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Liyana- I came to work the day after my ER. (There was no way I could go that day because I was sick from the meds that put me to sleep)
I have heard of people going to work after the ET too.
If the job is relaxed and you feel comfortable go. I am sure that your doctor will tell you what is best for you. I ended up quitting my job because of the stress. (I love my DH)
I did tell my boss when I was on the meds. I didn't want to SPAZZ out one day and he not know why… Plus I had to take days off. I say… Tell your boss. But that is just me. They can not fire you for going to the doctor or for getting pregnant. Also- Ask for a note from your clinic. To give you the day that you get the procedure done, just to CYA.
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