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January 9th, 2014, 08:35 AM
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She is a hot mess! What you and Eric are doing is the best thing you can for Owen.

No matter what she does or how bad she is Owen will always have a place for her in his heart because she is his mom. He will always hold onto the little bits of good things she has done because he wants to see the good in her.

I go through the same thing with my stepdaughter and her biological mom. Her mom hasn't seen her in almost 2 years and never calls her on her own. She only talks to my stepdaughter if she is with her own parents and they call my step kids. At times my stepdaughter hates her mom and at times she cries over missing her mom. At times she even reminisces over things her mom did with her like 10 years ago, before she started being a deadbeat mom.

Owen has a long road ahead of him with all of this.

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