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January 9th, 2014, 01:31 PM
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Originally Posted by plan4fate View Post
I've had two bottles of wine in one night :/
Oh I have had my fair share of drunken nights as well.

This was the night after Owen's birthday party, and when she finished one bottle (that she was sneaking into her room to drink) she told Owen she was gonna go get him some ice cream, left him home alone, came back without any ice cream, and continued to drink.

Originally Posted by meant2bemommie View Post
She just keeps digging herself so far down the hole it is crazy!! She is almost making this too easy. There are no words for a person like her. No understanding. It is so far gone.
The worst part is that she thinks she is fine.

Originally Posted by mom2more View Post
She is a hot mess! What you and Eric are doing is the best thing you can for Owen.

No matter what she does or how bad she is Owen will always have a place for her in his heart because she is his mom. He will always hold onto the little bits of good things she has done because he wants to see the good in her.

I go through the same thing with my stepdaughter and her biological mom. Her mom hasn't seen her in almost 2 years and never calls her on her own. She only talks to my stepdaughter if she is with her own parents and they call my step kids. At times my stepdaughter hates her mom and at times she cries over missing her mom. At times she even reminisces over things her mom did with her like 10 years ago, before she started being a deadbeat mom.

Owen has a long road ahead of him with all of this.
We are prepared for all of Owens mixed emotions about this. He is still mad at her, but happy to see her when they have visits. Eric and I just continue to encourage their relationship as it is now, healthy, short, and supervised.

Originally Posted by My2miracles View Post
2 bottles in 1 night When she was responsible for a child I'm speechless!
Yeah tell me about it.
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