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January 9th, 2014, 02:56 PM
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Yesterday was the day I was scheduled to deliver our sweet baby boy via csection. We should be soothing our babies cries, breastfeeding, changing diapers, and deciding what clothes he would wear out of the tons I bought in my excitement. This miracle baby that we prayed so hard for, should be in our arms and we should be basking in the glow of our newborn.

Our reality: Gryffin would be two weeks old today. And instead of choosing clothes and trying to remember which side I nursed on last, all we are left with if choosing what to adorn our precious baby's headstone with. We are so angry at the world right now. People can say all they want that things happen for a reason. We don't give a d*mn about what the reason was. We just don't care. All we want is our baby. The one thing we can never have, our sweet baby Gryiffin. Its so very hard, and so very frustrating. Trying to maintain some normalcy for our own sakes as well as the sake of our older children when all we want to do is fall apart, is difficult, but we must. We just don't understand. And the unfairness of it all just makes it hurt even more. We feel so angry and at a loss for the things and time that were stolen from us and Gryffin. I know we will make it, I know we will get thru to a better place eventually, but for now things are still so raw and open. A weeping wound that seems to big to ever close. We pray for peace and understanding, its just so hard and hurts so much.
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