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January 9th, 2014, 05:51 PM
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I nurse in public, and I used to use a cover, but I don't anymore. I try and be discreet though. But I nurse everywhere. I was a little self conscious for the first couple months, but then I joined a breastfeeding support group, and we go out all the time, and none of them use covers, so I kinda grew in confidence with them. Strangest place I've nursed? In the line for Santa at Bass Pro. Standing in line, holding my not so little baby, nursing without a cover, and not as discreet as I normally would be, but hey, when your baby has to eat, he has to eat.

Funny story, I was nursing him in a Panera bread last week, and DH had gotten up to go to the bathroom while I nursed, and I lifted up my shirt, pulled my bra down and quickly latched the baby on, and then I looked up, and there was an older man at a table across from me, and he looked me in the eye, smiled and gave me a thumbs up....LOL

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