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January 9th, 2014, 08:28 PM
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Originally Posted by ashleysworried View Post
okay enough dr. talk! im gonna go. i just want you guys opinions. like your knowledge on this (talking to you moms!). i was at my boyfriends house tonight and we ate dinner. i ate a ton. but my moods are so crazy. i can be happy and sad by a snap of a finger. i am exhausted. i can barely stay awake and i have awful awful pain in my ovaries it feels like. I went pee and there was some white discharge. im gonna go to doctor. i just want you guys insight! please. what can this mean? is crazy pain in ovaries a sign of pregnancy? ease my mind please.
How late are you now? Unfort we cannot tell you what's wrong... that's the dr's dealing. You could also be stressed as to why you're not eating and thinking your pregnant. I'd take another test to see, esp a digi that will definitely be a answer. If the symtoms still arise, I would go to a dr to get a blood test. Although, I iam not trynig to be mean, but if you are truly not ready for a kid, please use protection. It's not a safe mood to play with fire. Pull out method doesn't always work.

Rachel: don't they say something if she was a minor? Since she's 18, her parents should have no say in w hat she does... I just feel that if she's scared to be pregnant, her parents would get mad at her if she was, or anything of the sort.. she should NOT be having unprotected sex. Whether or not on BC pills, its just playnig with fire.
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