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January 9th, 2014, 08:38 PM
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I feel like I am going through every woman's worst nightmare...again!

I miscarried after 8 grueling weeks of HCG level tests, scans, and LOTS of waiting in Dec of 2012. It was aweful...painful both physically and mentally, possibly the worst thing I have ever been through in my life.

On Dec 16th 2014, I tested at home after taking a 3 hour nap the previous Sunday (I NEVER DO THIS!) and received a very faint positive test. I went to the doctor's lab and submitted urine for a test there...NEGATIVE! I was so confused, especially since I had not one, but two positive tests at home. I did some online research and found quite a few people giving testimonies of false positives with Walgreens brand tests that have the blue line...which is what I used, so I thought maybe it was wrong...but why are my breasts so sore and changing colors. Anyway, I went back to the store and purchased 2 First Response Early Tests...both positive immediately. So, I called the doctor back and told them my quandary...and they ordered a blood HCG test. Low and behold on Dec 19th, I tested positive with an HCG level of 114.

Earlier this week, I went to have my first scan and nervously waiting, hoping to hear a little heartbeat...I should have been 7 weeks by this time. He began the scan...and there was the gestational sac...but no heartbeat. I was devastated. The tech stated that my dates are probably off and wouldn't really tell me anymore than that. He only stated that I show about 5 weeks 3 days and that my doctor would contact me within a couple of days. Bewildered, I left, but didn't want to wait. I contacted my doctor's office and asked for another HCG level check and explained that my dating and the ultrasound dating were off, by about 1 1/2 weeks. She ordered the test and sure enough...came back at 7830 (my levels were high and rose with my last miscarriage) -- which are normal for a 5 week 3 day pregnancy...but I know I am not that early...and certainly wouldn't have tested positive on Dec 16th.

So, I am now waiting, again...more testing and more scanning. I am really hoping this doesn't drag out through the 12th week like last time -- I really don't think I can take it again.

Has anyone had a d & c? What was your experience? How long do you have to wait to ttc again after miscarriage? Is the timing different if you opt for a d & c?

Thank you, in advance for your support. What's worse is my husband works out of town half the week and I am doing this all alone. I am so incredibly sad.


I should mention that I am my clock is certainly ticking. I am wondering the value of having tests run to see if there is a reason I keep experiencing the missed miscarriage...anyone have advice about this? Do you know what causes repeated missed miscarriages?

Thanks again!
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