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January 10th, 2014, 11:31 AM
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She seemed fine this morning, said she was a little stiff but that was to be expected. She got up and started chasing her brother and causing WWIII with her sister, so she wasn't that sore. I sent her to school and they haven't called so I'm assuming all is good.

DD1's birthday is on Monday, she really wants a sewing machine and to learn to sew so my parents are going in with us on her gift. Mom and I went out today she's getting sewing machine, a cool purple cover for it, a supply box, thread, needles, pins, scissors, the works. Then we were at Fabricland and they had a big surprise bag of material on for $5, a big bin of these bags, we grabbed the largest one and were going to give that to her so she has some material to play with. I have no idea what she will get in the surprise bag since we can't see in it to even see colours and it isn't labeled with types of material, but hopefully she'll get something fun.

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