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January 10th, 2014, 03:19 PM
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We were thinking of starting Isabel on solids next month (8ish months/6 months adjusted) because she seems SO interested, but on the other hand thinking of putting it off more. Then I came across this article:

Spoon-Fed Babies At High Risk For Childhood Obesity, Fussy Eating: What Infant Feeding Style Should Parents Use?

It's not so much about eating off a spoon, obviously, as it is about baby being fed (versus eating). I was thinking of trying Isabel on some purees with a spoon she could feed herself or some steamed foods that would be soft and she could pick them up and eat them, or maybe things like avocado sticks.

I know most of my friends think I'm nuts because they all think the AAP and WHO are full of it and that's it's just as healthy to start solids at 3-4 months, but I rather trust the science on this one. (One of those things that there's no benefit in starting early so there's no reason to take the unnecessary risk, in my eyes)

Any thoughts re: baby self feeding with a spoon versus w/finger foods?
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