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January 10th, 2014, 06:38 PM
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I think it has to do with jar feeding purees and force feeding because you can see that there is so much left in the jar and some parents force baby to finish it. I have spoon fed L soup a couple times because as awesome as he is at using a fork there is no way he can successfully bring a full spoon to his mouth and still have soup on it. BUT I don't force feed him. When he's done he's done even if it's 3 bites. At 9 months old L eats barely any solids compared to some others. He might take a couple bites of toast in the morning, a few puffs as a snack, a couple bites of my lunch, a rice cake later, and then 2-3 bites of my dinner. He still nurses 12+ times a day. And this eating just started in the past week. In fact he had his first ever non ebf like poo today.
I don't necessarily think spoon feeding is bad as long as you let your child lead.
The first food L ever had was steamed broccoli. It was perfect for him to hold and suck on. Then we did soft slices like avocado, banana, cantaloupe. He can't stand mushy like foods so we completely stopped for v awhile and just started giving whatever we ate as long as it didn't contain honey and wasn't super salty.

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