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January 11th, 2014, 10:25 AM
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It is a new year. I am trying to make it a new me. I have always had a "can do" attitude and I try to put that to work instead of being so negative.
I posted something recently on the Facebook group saying I have possibly lost my job BUT I interviewed for a fast food cook...not the job of my dreams but it is better than nothing. Also, I am in talks with a lady opening a hospital in March as she is a financial director of patient care but also a hiring manager for certain departments. I was trying to be positive. In the mean time, I had several ask about my current job and why I may no longer be working there. That is when a few people kept focusing on the negative and saying I was making excuses.

I put it here for those that aren't on the Facebook group and missed it. I stated how when I got hired at this job, I was given the option to get a flu shot or wear a mask on the floor (work in hospital). I opted to wear mask until I could get a scheduled appointment for flu shot. I eventually got something scheduled. Then we had an ice storm hit which closed everything down for almost a week. Then the holidays. Now one of the ladies is out with the flu and the other I am having an issue getting in contact with. Even HR has tried contacting them. I had an appointment last Monday with them for flu shot but cancelled over the weekend because Aidan was pulling on his ear, saying it hurt and then was telling me he couldn't hear out of it. I cancelled in case Monday I had to take him to the dr. I was also notified by HR just last week on Thursday (the day I was supposed to go in to cover for coworker) that I need to get blood work to test my immunity to TB and Chicken Pox as well as get dr clearance to work since I have back issues and this job requires a lot of sitting, standing, bending and lifting heavy stuff and I was not allowed to return to work until all this got done. I then got notice in the mail THIS WEEK on Wednesday that if I didn't get it done by Tuesday the 14th, they would take that as my voluntary resignation. I have been in talks with HR about the dr clearance as I don't have insurance and cannot go to dr for clearance exam without insurance. Therefore, they have been trying to contact this department as well as myself and they have called me back saying they too are having an issue contacting them. Therefore, I feel this is all on the department because they aren't calling back or emailing back to get me an appointment.
The ladies in this group then focused on JUST the flu shot. Informing me to go somewhere and PAY for the shot when I can get it for free at the health department in the hospital. Plus I still have to schedule to get blood work done as well as dr clearance but the ladies didn't focus on any of that. Therefore, after all the negativity, it ruined my positive attitude and my can do attitude. It really hurt me and put me in tears.
After also informing that I am having a hard time paying for diapers or bills and such and that's why I can't pay for flu shot (I barely make $90/week plus having to pay $98/mth storage .....wish DH would get a job and pay that, and $100/mth child support...I don't make anything really), they came at me about how I should not have spent or been looking at $150 car seats for Trey when he doesn't need it. Our car seat goes up to 30 lbs but he is already outgrown it in length. The shoulder belts don't move anymore and they are digging into his shoulders leaving marks and he is in pain screaming in the car seat. Therefore, we HAD to get another car seat. I spent MY christmas money given to me by my grandparents and in laws. Money that I was supposed to spend on myself but I spent it on my own child. I was given crap about all that. That hurts. It makes me doubt my role as a parent. It makes me feel like a bad parent.
These ladies kept drawing on the negative. They were the ones causing the drama.
I was told that if I want to go back to the Facebook group, one of the admins can add me back. After informing to add me back so I can my peace and then stay back a bit until things cooled off, I was then told that the ladies there wanted to VOTE me back in as I was always causing drama. Excuse me....I was not VOTED OUT of the group...I left because of the drama THEY were causing. I thought we were all adults but I guess some people thrive on high school drama. Some of you thrive on the negative and have to find the bad in people.
I am hurt and very disappointed. I thought this was a group of women who were there to support our roles as moms and help us through daily life. If we had a question we could ask and get answers. If we had issues in our life, we could openly talk about it without discrimination but support. I guess I was wrong.
I left JM a long time ago because of women like you after I had Aidan and all the drama. I was wrong to come back.
Again, I am very hurt, upset, broken, doubtful, and pissed.

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