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January 11th, 2014, 03:07 PM
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My last period was December 14th. I have a normal 28 day cycle occasionally give or take a day. I am using both FF and Ovuview to help track ovulation although I know those aren't very reliable at all. I just bought my thermometer about 2 weeks ago to start temping and have been practicing tracking my CM. The app predicted I was fertile Dec the 26th to the 31st. We had intercourse the 1st and the 4th of Jan. We're NTNP. My period is late and I don't feel like it's coming. I have no PMS cramps at all. I experienced one day of slight cramping then that was it, my nipples hurt a little. My clothes rubbing them hurt, hurt when I shower but my boobs don't hurt at all just my nipples. I'm exhausted during the day but at night I can't fall asleep which is unusual for me, little nausea here and there but today I'm having a hard time trying to not run to the bathroom. I'm very gassy lately, I'll eat and get full really fast then an hour or so later I'm absolutely starving. My tummy feels bloated and hard. I've been having lower abdominal pains but they don't feel like cramps. Last week I had a really sharp stabbing pain in my right uterus area. Lasted like 10 seconds. My CM has not dried up at all and looks like lotion when I check. Leaves about half dollar size wet spots in my panties. I was fooling around with the thermometer and noticed my temp was around 99 degrees and I'm not sick. Been that way for like a week but it's during the day not when I wake up. I know that's not reliable either because it's not as soon as I wake up and I don't know what I usually start at. I'm worried to test because I don't want to be let down if it's a BFN. I just want opinions to see what everyone thinks and if it's all in my head.
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