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January 11th, 2014, 10:25 PM
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Okay. I cannot even believe I am posting this question. I have had 3 kids, taken dozens of pregnancy tests... *le sigh* but here goes:

How common are evaps on pregnancy tests? I have been in the TWW, period is due in 4-5 days. I got up this morning and just took a cheapie Walmart test. I do this regularly if there is ANY possibility of being PG because I am on medications that are dangerous for pregnancy. And there was a line, but it looked grey. Evap right?

So I decided just to be sure I would pick up another test at the store. I got an Answer. They didn't have any FRER in stock at the moment. So I took that. I can see another line, but again can't see if it has much color? So I took yet ANOTHER cheapo .88 test and had YET ANOTHER line that I can't tell the color very well.


Okay here are the best I could do as far as pictures. Obviously they are waaaaay faint. But I will test again in a couple days.

I am assuming I am 10-11 DPO?

And another. The one on the right is this morning. The one on the left is this evening

And this one, which I can see a LITTLE better when its in black and white..

The original:

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