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January 12th, 2014, 06:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Kalia20 View Post
I have never heard of this, but my midwife told me about it. She said it's four shots, just water nothing else, in your back. She said it's uncomfortable for about a minute but then gives about an hour of relief, and says it works for pretty much anyone. Anyone done that before?

She said the other pain relief method they have is a TENS machine and it doesnt work for everyone but I can try it if I want. I'm going for a water birth so will see.
I have never heard of the water shots. I'm not a needle person, and injecting things into my body just freaks me out in general so I'd have to pass

We tried the TENS machine at my first homebirth and I wasn't into it. It's hit or miss on who loves it and who doesn't. I felt like I was being statically shocked every few second on my back and you can't use it in the water unless you're into that whole electrocution things

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