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January 12th, 2014, 08:05 AM
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I hope everything works out for you sounds like a very stressful situation with work and everything else. I hope you can find a good solution. Do whatever you can for you and your family. Life throws us curveballs sometimes. There was a time before we has kids that my husband and I were homeless. We lived in my car. In the middle of winter. But we got jobs, saved money, and changed out situation. We have a comfortable life now. It's not fancy or anything. We don't own a house (which honestly is our own fault for always helping everyone else financially. We have spent probably 30k helping his dad and brother who aren't even grateful and finally my husband has agrees to stop doing that) but anyway my point is that sometimes we could have done things better, sometimes not. Sometimes things are in our control. Sometimes not. But in the end all we can do is what we think is best at the time, based on our knowledge at the time. Just keep focusing on doing that and dont worry about anyone else. If you have to, cancel Internet and cable and get a cheaper phone for a while etc just until you get through these hard times. Things will get better.

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