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January 12th, 2014, 09:58 AM
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My son is 5. He got his "ganky" when he was 5days old. At a very young age (a few months old), he was attached to that particular blanket, he would cry until he was swaddled in it, wrapped in it, covered in it or touching it. We've finally managed to get him to keep it in his bedroom (more for fear of it getting left behind or lost, and of course germs). He will panic if it is misplaced and not in his bed. Won't sleep without it, will only let you give him a bath (washer) if he puts it in, and ganky must not be washed with scented anything. He hates for it to smell "different/weird".
I don't see anything wrong with them having something that soothes them or that they find comfort in, as long as it doesn't interfere with normal day to day living. My daughter had hers until she was 13. When she went for sleepovers she would take her own pillow and hide her blanket in her pillowcase. She lost it one day and now only has "bear" which she's also had since birth. Bear goes for sleepovers too, but she doesn't hide him lol.
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