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January 12th, 2014, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by MrsLat View Post
Add me to the fat baby name callers lol

I call Grayson:

Little Fat Man

LOL. I do love how chunky he is! I have never had a chunky baby before.

I will confess I am back in the TWW and I am P*SSED! I could literally smack Alex for it. Besides I had weird spotting today and my heart sank I want one more baby but there is no way in heck I can handle another right now. Okay, I am off to cry..
Huge huge hugs! I have been there with Payson. She is the biggest blessing, but I so know the feeling!

Originally Posted by MerinSun View Post
Aaaw! *hugs*

Today I was playing with Rory and he was reaching for my belly. So I lifted it and stuck my belly out to show him that that is where he comes from. Then I look down at my stuck out belly and noticed that it was red and kinda icky on my belly button.

I'm using Rory's nystatin cream on it now It kinda burns but that maybe because I scrubbed it really hard.

I just saw this! I do, too! I've told my husband that I get all funny and whenever I get sat down and praised for something I feel all funny and unhappy. It really does make me uncomfortable to be told that I did something well.
We got a 500 refund for our birth and we kept getting blessed financially. I had attacks about it for weeks because I thought something bad had to happen after that. It's really difficult.

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