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January 12th, 2014, 05:44 PM
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My DH is always on me about how fast I eat, but if I don't then I won't get to finishy meal. Moms get it, dads don't.

One thing about about DH that annoys me is that he doesn't listen to me when I need him to. After so many years together we do both tend to tune each other out at times. He's telling me about his day at work and I don't comprehend most of what he's telling me, or he's telling me all the technical specifications of some car, or recounting his latest video game triumph that I could care less about...I tune him out and just add the appropriate "oh yeah?" and "uh-huh" here and there. He does the same to me when I'm talking about girlfriend drama or craft projects or Doctor We both know that the other person isn't really listening, and that's ok. Sometimes you just want to talk.

The problem is that lately he seems to be tuning me out when he's supposed to be listening. Like, before Christmas I said, "Dad wants to get Fiona one of those stupid store bought chocolate advent calendars, but I'm going to make one for her instead." That afternoon he came home from the store with a stupid store bought chocolate advent calendar. When I asked him why he got it, he said, "because you said we needed one."


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