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January 12th, 2014, 07:15 PM
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My Husband is Egyptian and I am a white Canadian Mutt. My husband feels strongly that the children will have Muslim names, and I'd like for them to have western sounding names. For girls its super easy, Hannah, Lilah... but for boys its so hard. I had really liked the name Anwar, after the former president and noble peace prize winner but now that I'm pregnant he says its too old of a name, and he'd be made fun of by other Egyptians. Any suggestions?

Now before anyone gets the wrong idea I say I want their name to sound western strickly from a future job perspective, I don't ever want my child to be denied the opportunity for a job just because some ignorant skips over the foreign sounding persons resume. That being said the name Anwar does sound foreign but I just love it
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