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January 13th, 2014, 06:12 AM
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Messes. I'm not the tidiest of people but i swear to God clutter just falls out of the man.

When he cooks he never cleans up as he goes. When he is changing the kids there is a trail of clothing and dirty diapers.

Several times I've come home from a long exhausting day of hauling kids around to appointments or dragging them to various relatives and he greets me with a "I did all the laundry!" or "I cleaned the downstairs!" And I get all excited. And then I realize he has a completely different understanding of cleaning.

Laundry will be clean but piled in a mountain on the bed or in baskets downstairs. The room he cleaned will mostly just be vacuumed. The surfaces will be coated in yuck. Nothing will actually be put away. Things will just be pushed to the side of the room and piled.

I know he helped, I know he did SOMETHING but it's like "Here honey, I did this finish it!"

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