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January 13th, 2014, 07:38 AM
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EDIT *** My bad, I thought you asked how far away for a MW, not a hospital.

With dd2 the hospital was about 15ish minutes away. With this one the hospital we'd be going to is 1 hr away, there is one 30min away but they don't have an OB so they would xfer to the 1hr away hospital. There is another one that is 20min away but that is in another state. I'm using an Arkansas MW, but I live in MO and the 20min hospital is in Oklahoma. I would rather not deal with the paperwork

There are MWs I've looked into that are 1 - 2 hours away.

I've been reading a lot of birth stories where 2-3 hours away happens quite often.

I was kinda iffy on the 2hrs, it's up to your own comfort and how fast you labor etc..

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