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January 13th, 2014, 09:59 AM
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The home birth midwife I contacted when I was preggo preferred to be within 45 minutes of a hospital. I personally would probably want to be even closer. But that wasn't our issue, we are 5 minutes from a hospital (just not my first choice, but still workable).

I do think that most transfers aren't emergent. But it would, however, be a comfort level issue. Clearly if you are being transferred, you are going to be in active labor and riding an hour + in the car might not be your cup of tea.

I think it's something to certainly ask your home birth midwives. I think each probably has their own comfort level based on experience.

ETA: I also think that a home birth midwife who works in the city would feel more comfortable being closer (since its more common to be) and one who is used to rural living might be more comfortable with more distance. Just because of what they are used to working with, ya know.
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