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January 13th, 2014, 10:19 AM
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30+1 weeks

Yay 30 weeks !!!! I feel its a really big milestone for us to reach, I've been waiting for it for so long. As i'm not due till the 23rd of March, theres lots of ladies in my DDC who are much farther along than me. 30 weeks is here though and I couldn't be happier!

We did have a little scare this past Friday, Thursday our LO's movements seem to have been less but still there. However whilst I would usually feel him loads during the night and first thing in the morning, Thursday night and Friday morning I barely felt anything - just a couple of big swirly type movements, no kicks at all. This had me freaking out. I called and spoke with my midwife and she encouraged me to have something else to eat and drink - something sugary. But 40 mins later I felt nothing more so we called up the pregnancy unit at the hospital and they asked for us to go in. We arrived by about 9.45am and after an exam, I was attached to a monitor to track his heart rate and a clicker for me to press everytime I felt a movement. Overall we were on the monitor for about an hour and a half because I had a couple of gaps where the machine lost the trace (the midwife had explained this might happened because at his size, baby has enough space still to move completely out of the way, with bigger babies this doesn't often happen). Everything looked great though, average heart rate of around 130 with accelerations to 145/150. Movement picked up a little too. I then had a scan with a midwife sonographer (a very clever - double qualified lady!) who checked over baby and blood flow etc. Again everything looked great, he was head down and hanging out on my left side. He measured about 3lbs 10oz - right on track. Talking to the midwives they said a lot of things could account for me feeling less movements, including babies changing their sleeping habits, him growing bigger so he has less space to move as much and also his position - especially given my anterior placenta. They were all great though, very reassuring and said theyd much rather I have come in to get good news, rather than sit at home worrying and there turn out to be an issue.

Since Friday, I've still not been feeling him during the night so I suspect he's changed up his sleeping habits. I have been feeling him more throughout the day though - midwife says normal is between 9am and 6pm and today especially he's been very lively. I'll just be keeping a closer eye on his movements and making sure I have some fizzy drink in the house to drink just in case of worries lol!

Today we had our health visitor come see us at home. I think I mentioned before but they have a statutory responsibility for babies health until 5 and a half years (school age). They have recently started doing ante-natal visits to allow them to get to know the parents before the baby arrives and give them opportunity to ask any questions. It went really well, I should have plenty of support available for breastfeeding (which i'm planning on doing) and we'll next see the health visitor routinely at around 10 days post partum or when we're discharged by the midwife.

In other news, we have our pushchair! I love it! Its all set up now just waiting for our little mans arrival. It does forward and rear facing and lies flat so I can use it from newborn which is fab.

Work-wise I'm starting to umm and arrr about when I'm starting my mat leave. Currently my last day is going to be the 21st Feb, however I'm sooooo tired and physically exhausted come the end of the day that I don't know whether I should be finishing earlier. As I mentioned above there are no issues with me using up limited time before he arrives. Hmmm....something to think about and discuss with my manager at work I think.

Cant think of anything else for now! ....Except 30 WEEKS

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