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January 13th, 2014, 10:55 AM
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relationships are all about compromise. if he isn't willing to bend, move on. you can't cow-tow to someone for your entire lives because not only will you get burnt out, it won't get better. i know this from experience because my mom did for my step dad. he was in the military and had certain ways that everything should be done and it sucked. and she never stepped in to disagree. now they're divorced because we basically all cut ties with her until she left him (plus he was cheating on her).

nothing is harder i think than coming to a common ground. i am extremly bull-headed and so is DH but if we never talked it out or tried to compromise, we would be single parents right now. DEF something you need to accomplish before you get married that way if you need to get out, it's easier than a divorce.
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