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January 13th, 2014, 07:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Irish_Wristwatch View Post
is a composting toilet an outhouse? but like in your house right? ive used an outhouse like at the cabin but it really is like a hole in the ground... is it just something you do now since youre building or will you always? im seriously interested, ive never heard of one before
This is the composting toilet we have that is indoors for winter time and emergencies/kids during the warmer months:

Truth be told, DH and I honestly don't mind going to the bathroom outside and there are actually a gazillion health benefits of going potty while squatting. Shoot, there's even a market of these things that you can buy to put on top of your normal toilet to make you squat to do your business:

We all know squatting is good for pregnancy and birth anyway so I should be good.

As for the outhouse, that's a legit outhouse, but we're going to make it a bit "prettier" than your weekend cabin outhouse since it's going to be pretty permanent until we're done building our next house w/ a more permanent/bigger composting toilet.

Here is an example of a "pretty" outhouse. Ours won't be nearly this fancy, but I am going to have some nice ventilation/flowers etc.. to not make it seem so backwoods

Never imagined in a million years I'd make a thread this long on how we poop LMAO!

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