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January 14th, 2014, 08:06 AM
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gosh im not sure.... i get what you mean about not wanting all the junk people traditionally give at showers, im totally on page with you there, but im not sure id send those out to people either. Because its asking for money, and i know youre not asking for money per se, you just dont want them to waste theirs and thats the only thing you feel you want/need

who would be throwing your shower, is that up to you to host/plan? I would personally decline the shower and then let whoever would be throwing it to tell people if they want to help you out they can make a contribution to your home birth fund (or you could tell people that when they ask what you need for baby)

im not sure how i would word it differently though, im going to have to think and see if i can come up with anything else. I dont want to come off like i think youre being tacky or anything, but people i know would be offended if i just sent that out in the mail. Obviously i dont know your family though, so if you dont think something like that would bother them then i do think its worded nicely and very clear and to the point
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