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January 14th, 2014, 10:57 AM
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1) I guess my hobby is running my own nfp. It's super small- my friend and I produce an annual arts event that draws people from across the country. I don't really make money from it so I'd call it a hobby. I really like organizing, managing, event planning, etc. so its fun to do it for something I love. I get a lot of gratification from it. It happens just one weekend a year, in the fall, but different things like taxes, marketing, etc come up year round.

I know how to crochet, but don't do it regularly. I make maybe one scarf or baby blanket a year, as a gift. I LOVE to read, and probably read 5-6 books a month.

2) I don't know when I first learned to read probably age 4 or 5? My mom taught me crochet around age 12. As far as the management stuff, we officially started the nfp in 2009, but I've been planning/running events for fun since I was a teen.

3) I read every day.

4) Don't really have any pictures to share.
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