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January 14th, 2014, 11:20 AM
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I have a fear of spiders. I will kill anyone I see. I also have a fear of dying and never seeing my hubby or kids again so I MUST kiss them all and say I love you before anyone leaves the house or goes to bed. I've sat up for hours in bed with my mind thinking of all the crap that could happen and sometimes I just can't turn it off. I get nervous when opening biscuits too lol I also freak over vomit. I can't even hear someone throwing up. If I hear it I start to gag. I gag if I even see Mike spit toothpaste in the sink.

Oh yeah and I have a huge fear of falling down the stairs. I fell down them when I was early in my pg with Zack and had Hailey in my arms. Hit my elbow and shoulder hard and it killed for weeks. It kills me to watch even the girls go up or down the stairs because I freak out thinking they will fall down them.

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