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January 14th, 2014, 11:21 AM
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So I just left my Dr. Appt. told her I was feeling the baby very low so she measured my cervix. I'm 3 CM dilated. My dr laughed at this because she had just asked me if I wanted to be induced if I go past 40 weeks which I certainly do but otherwise plan for spontaneous delivery. She laughed and said, no worries, you are so not going to make it to your due date.
Now I'm just here on pins and needles..waiting for the sky or my Kingsley to fall.
She measured his fundal height and said he was big which I def. agree with but according to ultrasound he's just a normal wee nugget. She scheduled another U/S two weeks out to get better measurements so that gives me hope that I have at least 2 weeks. Only thing is..he feels lower since the exam. Oh goodness!!
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