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January 14th, 2014, 11:57 AM
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Susan you are not broken. Even if it did take you longer than some to get pregnant it doesn't mean that you are broken. I felt alot of guilt after my miscarriage but for me we were able to do some genetic testing and discover the true reason for my loss. More than likely there was something wrong with your baby that caused the miscarriage and not anything you did. I know right after my miscarriage I talked to my dr about what I could have possibly done to cause my baby to die and he told me a story about 2 women he had just delivered their babies and these women were drug addicts, came into the ER high on drugs and still gave birth to healthy babies. he said there was nothing that I could have possibly done to cause my miscarriage. He said look these women even tried and their babies were born healthy. My point here is please know that nothing you did caused your miscarriage.

I think once you are holding your sweet baby it will make all that you have been through so worth all the pain. Jacob was my rainbow baby and I conceived him 8 weeks after my miscarriage and even though I wish so desparately that we had never lost our first baby I do know that if we hadn't I would not have my sweet baby Jacob today. And life with my Jacob is unimaginable. So that does help with the heart ache.

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