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January 14th, 2014, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by smsturner View Post

My counselor says the I need to do things that will help me feel excited, and stay away from the negative. She pointed out that while i feel out of control, I do have a good deal of control over things and how they are going. While I can't control some things that could put him at risk, i'm doing the very best I can at keeping him safe, just where he is.
I also am very much an analytical person. So she has handed me some things with statistics, and pointed me in the direction of positive information. She really encouraged me to go to birth classes, where they show you so much of what they can do when something goes wrong.
That's such great stuff from your therapist- that even though some things are out of our control, the truth is that we can indeed control much of what happens in our lives and bodies, and you're doing everything you can to protect your baby. I love it. And good helpful facts, too. It's amazing how our minds dwell so much on the very, very small likelihood of problems, instead of the 99+% chance that everything is just fine.
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