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January 14th, 2014, 01:17 PM
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Take a deep breath . The good news is, you have 8 months before you need to be ready -- that's a long time, plenty of time to take care of the actual issues you have and to become more mentally prepared for this little one.

First off, hurrah for an excited and supportive father of the baby! That's pretty unusual on this board and a great thing.

Second, starting college should be perfectly fine, and way to go for going to school. That's a great step towards setting up a stable financial future for you and your son or daughter. Colleges are wonderful about helping student parents. First, you'll be eligible for more financial aid since you have a dependent. There are also childcare programs on campus for low costs for students if you will not be able to coordinate schedules with the baby's father.

Second, many of us are inexperienced when it comes to motherhood. But there are sooo many resources. First, you can join a due date board here on just mommies and get support, encouragement, advice, and information from tons of other first time and multi time moms. It's a great resource! Second, there are countless books to help first timers. Plus, your hospital most likely offers free classes designed to help first time parents get comfortable with basic parenting tasks. All that aside, most of the mothering bit will come pretty naturally after even just a week or two. When that tiny baby is in your arms all your maternal instinct will kick in and you'd be surprised how much you'll just know how to do, or at least be able to figure out easily. Don't sweat it at all, that's the fun part .

As for the fear of being disfunctional, you can commit to being the one to break the cycle. Just the fact that you recognize the problem is a great place to start. Besides, becoming a mother can give you even more of a sense of purpose, commitment, and drive to get through school and find good employment. Your past doesn't have to control you, you can rise above it.

Above all, very best wishes, congratulations on this new life, and please keep us posted!
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