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January 14th, 2014, 11:11 PM
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Congrats! It sounds like overall you're in a great place to start a family with a supportive boyfriend and financial stability! I can totally understand how it's depressing to think about giving up partying right now when you're having such a good time. The difficulty right now is thwt it's easy to see the downsides of being pregnant because they're tangible and effecting you in ways that aren't fun. What's so much harder to see right now are the amazing upsides, because those aren't here yet and can't even be imagined. Becoming a mom will seriously blow your mind. It's impossible to quantify the joy you're going to feel when you first are handed the little baby that came from you and your boyfriend's love for each other. Motherhood is amazing and the joy and delight you'll find in it will definitely make up for missing partying this year, I promise!

Don't stress, you've got lots of time to get used to this new phase of life, and with a few adjustments should have no trouble finishing school. Very best wishes and let us know how your appointment goes Monday!
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