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January 15th, 2014, 09:05 AM
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1) What hobbies do you do? I'm a portrait photographer part-time as a profession. We also raise and show rabbits, are active in 4-H with our kids, and once upon a time I used to sell custom horse portraits and I competed in chalk art competitions.

2) When did you start hobby(ies)? I started drawing when I was a kid. We started 4-H 5 years ago, photography seriously about 4 years ago, and rabbits three years ago.

3) How often do you get to spend time doing your hobby(ies)? Photography, whenever I have free time. We're very busy with 4-H so I have to work around that. The rabbits are a full-time hobby and we show probably 5-6 times a year.

4) Brag time: post a picture (or pictures) of what you've made!

Here are some pencil portraits from years ago, I stuck them together to save space but they were once individual works.

This was from Disney's Festival of the Masters in 2005 I think? The square is 10' x 10' and the horse is life-sized, created on a sidewalk with pastel chalks.


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