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January 15th, 2014, 03:13 PM
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It seems like every time I try to make progress
I am bombarded by challenges yet and still
I have no one to blame but myself

When I went to enroll for the new semester I found out
I have no financial aid
And I can only afford to pay for one class
Who to blame myself for dropping out when I was younger

I was slated to start my one class tomorrow but the transportation I was depending on fell through

I can only blame myself for never learning to drive, so I called and dropped the one class

I guess this year won't start off as planned

I'm going to cry and feel sorry for myself for awhile
Then call around for a driving school in my area

More and more everyday I find myself wondering if this pregnancy should just be terminated
At 25 almost 26 I am uunprepared for lifelife let alone a child
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