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January 15th, 2014, 07:33 PM
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1) What hobbies do you do? My biggest would be dog showing

2) When did you start hobby(ies)? November of 2010 I went to my first AKC show I did 4h before that

3) How often do you get to spend time doing your hobby(ies)?Most days i am training or doing therapy wor or something with any of the dogs i work with. I own 2 Bailey who is 11 and retired and Opal who is 8. I also work with 2 of my boses dogs a mother and daughter Libby is 6 and Cookie is 2 i have been there with her since day 1.

4) Brag time: post a picture (or pictures) of what you've made!
I have to many pictures with doing so much with so many dogs I have earned in titles 3 CGC 2 CGCA 2RN's 1 RA 1 RE 2BN's and 1 CH I train with Opal at the highest level in Rally we have attended 2 national shows together and will attend our 3rd in October. I also do therapy work with Opal and Cookie at local retirement homes. Sorry to be long but this is important to me

sorry i cant get photobucket to work to get pics attached
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