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January 16th, 2014, 03:10 AM
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Not sure where to start really. We decided to have baby number 3 and he came along in sept 2013. Compared to the 1st two children (now 6 and 3) he has been really difficult to understand I suppose! I felt like a breezes through the 1st two, I knew what they wanted and I was able to understand their needs and wants. Number 3 (now 4months) has had silent reflux and has medication for this, although I don't see a huge difference in him. He screams a lot of the time and refuses the dummy. And to add to the stress of it all I've found out I'm pregnant with number 4. To be honest I am petrified of how I'm going to cope with four especially if things don't improve with my so. Or I have another baby like him. The past couple of weeks I haven't wanted to go out, I'm frightened to tell friends and family (although both mine and hubby's parents know) about the pregnancy. On the sch run I feel like I'm putting on a face that everything's ok. My husband knows how I feel but I do t think he really understands how scared I am that I am suffering with Pnd. I suppose that's the 1st time I've admitted that 2 anyone other than him. I love him so much and I appreciate everything he does for us, I feel like I'm being selfish for a few reasons I suppose, I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mum but I am miserable for it and having number 4 will now mean no return 2 any kind of work for a long time. But also I have a husband that loves me and I'm pushing him away. And also I am down about being pregnant but yet I should be happy and privalidged some people r unable to have a baby at all and I am going to be blessed with 4. I am so scared....please help!!!!!
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